Portable Troubleshooting

Lightweight, ergonomic stroboscopes. Exceptionally bright with quick change batteries.

From surface inspection for coatings to troubleshooting registration and print quality,
 only Unilux has such a wide range of stroboscopic inspection solutions.

Stationary Inspection

Variable widths, flexible mounting options and 2x brighter with 25% less power consumption

Proven Fast ROI

New LED technology brings faster payback, improved safety and reduced downtime due to maintenance.

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Stroboscopic inspection is a fast, efficient way to inspect your product at full production speed. 

To see what it would cost to add stroboscopic inspection to your process, simply provide your details below to have a Unilux team member contact you with pricing.

“These strobes allow us to confirm print quality and protect our reputation.”

Richard Farnsworth, Filmquest


New LED strobes make it even easier to see defects in print and surface quality. Anywhere on the line. Without stopping production.

Brighter. See defects in crisp, clear detail.
Lighter. Ergonomic and compact for use anywhere.
Better. The durability of Unilux + the benefits of LED.

The Power to See